Organizing Committee



Ana Cristina Moeri

holds a master degree in geography from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and is specialized in forestry carbon projects. Ana worked as senior project manager Latin America at First Climate. She authored, co-authored and revised several Project Design Documents (PDD), and assessed the risk profile of various carbon projects. Ana modeled biomass growth and the generation of ex-ante carbon credits from various projects to capture carbon in forests. Since January 2011 she works at the Institute Ekos as project coordinator of carbon storage and conservation projects.


Dr. James Henderson

is responsible for investigation and remediation at DuPont sites in Latin America. Dr. Henderson received his BA from Dickinson College, a Masters in Environmental Sciences from California State University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Sciences from Clemson University. Dr. Henderson works in close collaboration with diverse project teams and travels frequently throughout the Latin American region.


José Carlos Rocha Gouvêa Junior

Geologist, specialized in petroleum geology, Master in Environmental Technology with emphasis on the management of contaminated areas and evaluation of the intrusion of soil vapors. José Gouvêa has 12 years of experience in environmental consulting activities focused on the investigation and remediation of contaminated areas in various regions of Brazil. During his professional career he was responsible for conducting more than 500 projects in areas such as: sites impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organochlorine compounds and PCBs, including industries, fueling stations, distribution bases and airports. He is currently Manager of Environmental Projects and Liabilities at Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional and is the leader of the Working Group on Intrusion of Soil Vapors at NICOLE – BRASIL.


Iago Rangel

studied Environmental Management at the University of São Paulo EACH/USP, with additional studies in Solid Waste Management at the University of Porto, Portugal. His past experience includes carbon credit generation in the voluntary market, GHG inventories, as well as the socio-environmental evaluation of projects. Since 2017 he is part of the Ekos Brasil team, where he works in the area of biodiversity conservation, organization of events of management of contaminated areas and is the secretariat of the NICOLE Brasil network.


Dr. Olivier Maurer

PhD in Engineering Geology from the Paris Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, is an experienced sustainable remediation professional. His current position with Golder Associates is as Global Account Manager. As member of the Board of Directors of Nicole he led from 2008 until 2012 the Nicole Sustainable remediation Work Group in Europe, delivered multiple presentations at international conferences, and has been involved in multiple SR projects in Europe and Latin America. He helped founding Nicole Brasil when based in Sao Paulo from 2012 until 2014 and is an active member of this network.


Luísa Abreu Rodrigues

International Relations student at PUC São Paulo. Her past experience includes her work in the membership department of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo where she was responsible for attract new members for the organization, and she worked in the Corporate Access team from XP Investimentos, controlling the contacts database. At Ekos Brazil, her activities include assist the NICOLE Brazil Network and the organization of events of management of contaminated areas.