October 30th and 31st of 2018

With a cycle of 25 lectures, lots of space for exchange of experiences, in addition to a business fair, the 11th edition of the Seminário EKOS BRASIL brings together in Brazil national and international experts to discuss topics such as Social Aspects of Sustainable Remediation, Groundwater Protection, and Circular Economy.


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Meet our speakers

Christine Leas

Graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of Law in 1991, and is admitted to practice in New York, California and Connecticut. She specializes in environmental regulatory compliance and transactional matters. She has over ten years of experience negotiating manuscript environmental insurance policies.

Lucia Buvé

Lucia holds a Master in geological sciences of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium where she graduated cum laude in 1979. She started her career as exploration geologist-geochemist. At Umicore, Lucia is mainly responsible for the management of the historical contamination legacy. Until June 2018, she was also the chair of NICOLE.

Dietmar Müller-Grabherr
Roberto Waack

Biologist and Master in Business from USP. With extensive curriculum in sustainability, it maintains a long relationship with national and international organizations such as WWF Brazil, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Ethos and Brazilian Biodiversity Fund. He currently serves as Executive President of the Renova Foundation.


As in the last edition of the Ekos Brasil Seminar, Nicole Brasil is organizing several workshops. Every workshop is organized by national and international experts with technical information and practices in order to qualify the local professionals according to the best practices at international level.

Our target audience are professionals of consulting companies, industry, as well as public agents and students.

The courses will be held in Portuguese and English and will be offered in two modalities: face-to-face or webinar.


I had the privilege to attend the EKOS conferences in Sao Paulo every two years since 2011, the Sustrem conferences since 2010 when it started in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as the series of workshops organized by EKOS and Nicole Brasil in Brazil and in Peru. The EKOS and Nicole Brasil conferences are the biggest and only events I know in Latin America on contaminated land, always successfully attracting a large crowd of professionals from the industry, consulting, technical providers, governmental agents and researchers, from Brazil and across Latin America, making it a very efficient networking platform to promote the development of State of the Art in this field. The same applies to the Sustrem series of conferences, bringing professionals from around the world in the field of Sustainability applied to the reclamation and redevelopment of impacted land. Typically, such conferences focus their attention on technical solutions while experienced professionals know today that to overcome the challenge of addressing the “tip of the iceberg”,  social and financial aspects are essential to consider. I am therefore very much looking forward to the Sustrem 2018 conference in Sao Paulo, a joint event between the Sustrem community, EKOS and Nicole Brasil, and a very special occasion to gather professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and geographies, to share their experience, this time focusing the debate on social and financial issues and solutions.

Olivier Maurer

Client Executive Europe and Latin America – CH2M/JACOBS

The 2016 EKOS conference in Brazil was definitely one of the best and most interesting happenings I attended. Although social aspects and stakeholder involvement are key in remedial projects worldwide, these issues are in Latin-American countries even more important and sensitive, and were given the necessary attention during the conference. Further, I was impressed by the initiative to organize a debate between a Public Prosecutor and the State Environmental Agency about groundwater valuation. Needless to say that the debate was very lively! And last but not least, it was a pleasure to be part of an enthusiastic and responding public.

Lucia Buvé

Pollution Prevention Manager – UMICORE NV

The Ekos Seminar, for its long history, is the main non-Brazilian event that brings together professionals from the institutions of the production chain, from the public power and from the production of knowledge involved in the management systems of contaminated areas. As the prospects for the next event are very encouraging because of the holding of one of the major events in the world on Sustainable Remediation, which specializes in attractions in Europe and North America. Great opportunity to make the network and the product. Good experience in advanced research, sustainable remediation and protection of aquifers. Great opportunity also to reflect on the development of our society

Reginaldo Antonio Bertolo

Prof. Dr., Director of CEPAS IGc USP

SustRem 2018 will be an important conference, based on worldwide knowledge on sustainable land use, with a special focus on shaping our understanding of groundwater protection, social and economic aspects in relation to developing countries.

Nicola Harries

Project Director – CL:AIRE

The EKOS Brazil Seminar has become a very relevant event in Latin America and is already an important part of the development and history of management of contaminated areas in the region. The event brings together key professionals, entities and other stakeholders in the management of environmental liabilities, allowing viewers to participate in high level discussions, share ideas, knowledge, and close contact with innovative technologies and approaches from different perspectives.

José Carlos Rocha Gouvêa Júnior

Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional


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